Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Marr Awards - GIVEAWAY

The Marr Awards are fan awards for everyone in the Wicked Lovely fandom. They are awarded TO fans BY fans and recognize amazing art, writing, and other contributions to the Wicked Lovely fandom.

So how do they work?

Wicked Lovely's fabulous fan artists are nominated by you (the fans!) for a Marr Award. There are 25 categories, ranging from Best Fan Art to Best Quote to Hottest Character. Nominations will be open for about a month. When the Nominations period is over, the lucky artists with the most nominations will move on to the Voting stage, where ALL Melissa Marr fans will be able to vote for who they think should win a Marr Award!

Cool! How can I nominate someone?

Nominating is really easy - go to the nominations page for the details. If you need to take a look at the categories available for nomination go here.

And we're happy to announce that our Art Director, Lorena, was nominated for a Marr Award under the category of Best Video for her Radiant Shadows Trailer. So in turn, we'll host a small giveaway to support her campaign and The Marr Awards! If you like her trailer please stop by the nominations page and nominate her for Best Video, she needs as many supporters as she can get!

So here's how this will work.

We will be giving away:
  • (1) Copy of a Melissa Marr book. (Winner's Choice)

Want to win? Here are the ways you can enter.
  • +1 Leave a comment or e-mail us with your e-mail and name
  • +1 Tell us what Wicked Lovely Court you'd want to belong to.
  • +1 Link to this giveaway on your blog (You get another entry for everyplace you link)
  • +1 Link to this giveaway on your Facebook/Myspace
  • +1 Twitter this giveaway
  • +1 Become a fan of YAthenaeum on Facebook

Please provide evidence that you did the above (links will do).
Winner will be drawn on May 27th.

Review of Fragile Eternity

Review of Radiant Shadows

Good luck!

-The YAthenaeum Team


Genesis said...

Hey- I think I'd be part of the oh-so-cool Winter Court!

genesisvasquez (at!) yahoo (point) com ~!

Emma said...


I would be part of the Summer Court; sunshine and warmth, growth and plants ^.^

Mentioned competition in deviantArt journal here:

Sad that the Fandom category of the Marr Awards is not open to international residents...

Aik said...

* +1 Great contest! I'd love to enter!

* +1 The Dark Court!

* +1 Blogged:

* +1 Sidebar link:

* +1 Plurked:

* +1 Link to this giveaway on Facebook!/profile.php?id=1467072730&v=wall&story_fbid=113320735372127

* +1 Twitter this giveaway

* +1 I'm a fan of YAthenaeum on Facebook (Aik Chien)

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Bookie said...

+1 I would want to be with summer court. I love the sun and nice weather. =)

+1 Facebook:!/profile.php?id=100000865668343

+1 Twitter:

+1 Facebook Fan - Dawn W.

Thanks for the contest!


Brodie said...

Wow, good luck to the amazingly talented Lorena! Awesome work!!

Okay, I really, really, really need to start the Wicked Lovely series. I've been seeing it around so much lately due to the release of Radiant Shadows. Everyone is raving about it and here is little old me who still hasn't started the first book yet *feels ashamed*

+1 Comment/Email
+1 As I said, I haven't read it yet but in general I'd say the Summer Court. I love when everything is alive and green and blooming with life... so beautiful and warm!
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