Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lisa McMann Q&A

Here's a fun q&a with
New York Times bestselling author of Wake, Fade, and Gone, Lisa McMann.

1. What's the most random question you can think of? Answer it.
Arr you sure you're not going to write another book about the characters?
NO, yes, I don't know, probably not.

2. If 'they' decided to make a movie of your life, which actor would you want to play you?
My daughter, but it'll be 100 years before anything like that would happen.

3. If someone suddenly threw a wad of twenty thousand dollars at you, how would you respond?
Probably duck, it could be all $1 bills or you never know, there could be a rock inside.

4. When writing some authors plan every detail and others just dive into the book, so are you an outliner or a diver (or a mix)?
Pantser, I sit right on the seat of my pants and get going. No outline, I just dive in.

5. Who pwns everything?

Judy Blume

6. Can you do the Time Warp?
Not really, but can you teach me? How does it work?

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