Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wintergirls Signing- RECAP

Brought to you by Lorena. With comments by Erika in blue, Brigitte in yellow.

The afternoon started just as any other event afternoon did with myself frantically calling Brigitte trying to figure out how we would manage to get to the bookstore on time/back home. When it was decided that I would pick up and she would drive back, we made our way to the store. It was probably sometime around 4:45 and Erika calls me telling me that Laurie is already at the store. Please note this is way early, even for an author. So I start freaking out and press my dad to hurry up (though that is impossible seeing as we live in Miami).
I got there early, about 4:15 because Julie was selling cards for her New York trip. Once I saw Laurie, I immediately called Lorena and Debra. I felt all secret-servicey especially since Julie and I were still in our uniforms and hadn't changed yet, so we blended in.

Debra came a few minutes later and I told her that Laurie had gone into the east side. We met in the hall and Debra was all stressed out and confused. Then, she relaxed. Laurie went to the cafe to have dinner and since she had to leave at 8, we had her sign stock beforehand. So, Debra and I took down the nice Wintergirls display, flapped the books, and brought them over to the cafe for Laurie to sign. After a few minutes, Julie and I went to change into our white clothing. Right after we got back to the cafe, Brigitte and Lorena came. I now bring you back to Lorena...

We finally got to the store a bit past 5 and started searching for everyone. Laurie had decided to have dinner at the cafe so we found everyone huddled in conversation in the back of the store. Some light introductions on our part and we were off to figure out how we were going to announce the contest winners. We finally managed to get the poems/reader lists to print from the computer behind the register, and began our slow mingling trying to figure out how the evening would be run. At some point during this my friend Sacha arrived to lend an extra hand to our Wintergirl troop.

Debra came to remind us that Laurie had to leave early, so we had to figure out at what point in time we could do the Time Warp with her. So we set out to ask Laurie when she would like us to do it and to get our books signed. Though this ended up as a flurry of "where did so-and-so go?" Whether it was Julie or Brigitte, there can only be one who bears the Time Warp Question and tis I, Highlander!, every 5 minutes someone would disappear somewhere, so actually getting to Laurie took a lot longer than expected.
Yep... And we also post-ited all our books in this time...

Eventually we made our way to the cafe and asked Laurie if she would be willing to perform the Time Warp as part of our tradition. She was more than willing, and we decided we'd perform it after her Q&A. Apparently Debra had also mentioned to her our fear of higher education possibilities after reading Catalyst. So we entered this long conversation dealing with how the #1 university in the nation was not needed for a successful future.
(I'm still a nervous wreck about this... Though a little calmer than before.) Laurie then got to signing our books (I finally beat Erika)(It's okay, it's just the once. :P And I still had 4 books signed.) and we proceeded back into the east wing to finish setting up for the event.

First order of business, contest winners. Debra introduced me to the audience and asked for me to announce the 3 winners of our Speak Up Poetry Slam. Though one was not present to read his poem, we had two amazing readings from Nicole and Bianca.

After the readings, both winners were presented with a copy of Wintergirls, and the floor was opened for Laurie to begin speaking. She discussed her reasons for writing Speak which then lead on to about Wintergirls.

Question and Answer began shortly after this, and we then got our chance to do the Time Warp. I have devised a new formula as to which way we all turn. Wherever the author is, we turn. Though Laurie sort of ruined my formula.
(Maybe from now on we should go opposite author? It does back it easier for them so they can see where we turn.) I think we should go with the formula that makes the least sense.

As Laurie sat to begin signing, we opened the floor for anyone who had brought poems to read. We went on our usual post-it duties, and made conversation with anyone who approached us.

After work was done and Laurie had to leave, we grabbed a quick picture with her and bid our farewells.

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