Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ann Brashares Q&A!

A Short Q&A With Ann herself!:

Who pwns everything?
My kids, in my life they rule...me...and my dog.

If someone suddenly threw a wad of twenty thousand dollars at you, how would you respond?
It's a goody-goody answer I admit. I'm part of this program that sponsor's students to go to a school. That could sponsor 4 students, so I'd do that.

If 'they' decided to make a movie of your life, which actress would you want to play you?
I've been told I look like the actress from Weeds, so her. It's hard to see yourself as an actual actress.

What's the most random question you can think of? Answer it.
Did you ever have a Barbie Dream Boat? Yes.

Can you do the Time Warp again?
I've watched it many times, but I don't think so. I could sing it for you though.

Why connect
3 Willows with the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?
At first I was avoiding it. But then I liked the idea of them to follow in the shadow of the sisterhood, for the girls to be aware of the sisterhood and think that they have no problems... that it would be interesting for them to live in the same town and be like "why can't our friendship be like that." It (3 Willows) really stands on its own, but I like the idea that all fictional worlds coexist.

Are you self conscious of what people would think of your book?
Yes, definitely. More for memoirs, but all fiction is putting yourself on paper and there's the fear of if others do not like it.

Tell us about America Ferrer and the Ugly Betty prop.
Someone called the publisher for the four books because America wanted them on the night-stand in her room on Ugly Betty.

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