Thursday, April 9, 2009

13 Little Blue Envelopes- REVIEW

Erika’s Review of 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson

{There had to be a review of one of Maureen’s books during BEDA. It was practically a rule (that I made-up myself…)}

13 Little Blue Envelopes begins with seventeen-year-old Ginny receiving a little blue envelope from her dead aunt that directs her on a journey to retrace her aunt’s footsteps. It’s just like a game the both used to play except this time it literally takes Ginny traveling around the world. Ginny follows the envelopes and her aunt’s rules to New York, London, Paris, Greece and many other places in between so she can see life as her aunt had seen it.

It’s kind of like The Amazing Race, just for one girl who wins a lot more than money, she learns more about her aunt, as well as herself, and meets incredible people along the way. It’s a book that’s really hard to put down because it’s easy to get sucked into Ginny’s travels and wanting to know what happens next. I kept telling myself, “one more envelope” and then I’ll sleep, “Fine, another…” and soon it was 3am. 13 Little Blue Envelopes has romance, humor, adventure… It is overall entertaining; while at the same time has lessons that everyone can learn. I highly recommend it.

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Erin Dealey said...

LOVED this book!The characters she meets (I'll let you guess which ones)brought back memories of my first trip to Europe--well except for the dead aunt. I did the "one more envelope" thing too. : )