Friday, April 10, 2009

The Rule of Claw- REVIEW

Lorena’s Review of The Rule of Claw by John Brindley

The future has always held many things for humanity. Robots, flying cars, you name it, it's been done. But what isn't often told is what could happen, if it all goes wrong. If somewhere through time, we mess up, and the fate of the human race dangles on a thread held by a handful of teenagers.

Ash and her friends are the only teenagers left on Earth. Beyond the the fence of the ASL camp is only death and danger in the woods. They've grown up without adults, dreaming only of the world from their magazines, and trusting their 5 commandments.
Honor your father and mother. You shall do no murder. You shall not steal. You shall not- shall not covet your neighbors house. Surf's always up- Honor the best rider like your father and mother.

But now the rules no longer apply. When Ash is captured by a savage clan of raptors, she must not only fight for her life, but for the future of her entire race.

John Brindley's The Rule of Claw was unlike anything I've ever read. And to be honest, it scared me. At our pace, is this what evolution will lead us to? The fate of humanity, dangling by the hairs of kids who've never known life outside their camp? The book really is intense, the characters all blissfully Innocent, and thrown into a war that was not theirs to fight. I'd easily recommend this to anyone who needs a break from the otherworldly fantasy we've gotten so used to reading. Just pick it up and read a few pages in, it will really change you.


Jordan said...

Sounds good. I like scary future pieces!

Anonymous said...

i wante d 2 ask if ash dies at end .
i read the book but cud not understand if she died

Maddy said...

Anonymous- I really really really (haha, like the rodent!) want to know if Ash lives too! I have read it over and over, but can't figure it out!

YAthenaeum said...

Anon & Maddy

I believe the ending was intended to be like that, ambiguous, so you decided whether or not she died.

In my eyes she died, but that's because I always make situations as dramatic as possible. But I don't think there is a definite answer for that question. You're more than welcome to ask John though!


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