Thursday, November 27, 2008

Midnight Showing of Twilight RECAP/REVIEW

Exactly a week ago, the entire YAthenaeum team went to the midnight showing of Twilight on Thursday night/Friday morning. Here is our recap of the night and our review of the movie. Just as a warning, spoilers will follow and we did not like it. Not just because of the differences in the movie from the book, but also the movie itself alone. So, we’re sorry if you loved it and are annoyed by our opinion, but it is just that and only that, our opinion.

Brought to you by Erika, with comments by Julie in green and Lorena in red. Brigitte in yellow.

It was an early release day, so I got home about 1…(I got home at 3 and got no sleep at all.) Bwahaha I got home at 11, small high schools for the win! not sure what I did for an hour and a half, but at 2:30, I took a nap because I knew I wasn’t going to be getting much sleep that night. At 5:30, I woke up, got ready and at 6:10, Julie, my mom, and I were out the door, with a book bag of homework in tow and Nerdfighter shirts on.

We went to the movie theater and decided to wait in line while we waited for Lorena, Brigitte, and Lorena’s cousin to come so we could pick up our tickets together. They arrived and they got the tickets and my mom left.

The theater then decided they didn’t want everyone waiting outside, so began letting us into a theater. We walked around the entire thing trying to find seats. We considered the far back corner, but since I had to do homework and it was the darkest part, we decided against it. We (I) then found a row on the left side with exactly 6 seats and since it was the first 6-seat row, three of the seats were right above the walkway, so we had somewhere to put out feet. It actually wasn't the most comfortable alternative, but at least we didn't have any heads blocking the way.

Once we put our stuff down, we left to go get some of the overly priced theater food. 16 dollars for a candy combo, honestly! Somehow we managed to carry it all back and also show our tickets on the way. We ate… Lorena filmed me eating, which I wasn’t happy about… Then, I started by history homework. I drew in my sketchbook the seats in front of me and wrote Seeing Twilight at Midnight across it. I decided we would write down all of our comments of the movie in my scketchbook and review them later. I had Pre-Cal homework that no one, including me, understood. The entire 4 and a half hours that followed consisted of me doing homework. We also filmed Fangirl, Fangirl, Boyfriend… We were in a theater hence the darkness. Brigitte started watching Labyrinth on my PSP, but Erika asked me to help her with Spanish, so she ended up stealing it and skipping to all the Bowie scenes. Then we played Diddy Kong Racing on our DS's till we went to get Emily. Which I completely beat her at. Repeatedly. Really, it was almost shameful.

[Fangirl, Fangirl, Boyfriend Video Coming Soon]

At about 8:15, Emily texted that she landed (she had flown up to Boston that morning and back… In all she was going to be awake for 23 hours straight!) and about an hour later, she texted again letting us know she was outside. We all went out to greet her and give her her ticket. She bought food and we did the time warp in the middle of the lobby…FUN STUFF!!! While waiting to get back into the theater, a lady asked us if our shirts spelled anything, so we told her yeah, Don't Forget to be Awesome, but she somehow thought it was connected to our dancing.

I continued doing my homework… Oh, and someone had a laser…That was so annoying!!! It was more amusing than annoying since the employees actually came in and scolded the audience on it. True... That was hilarious!

Some time around 11 Emily decided to go out and stretch, so we went back out for some quick refills and curly fries. Once it was 11:45, I stopped and I’d actually finished mostly all of my homework. The next 15 minutes went by, the lights dimmed, and the previews began.

I complained to both Julie and Lorena when the Harry Potter trailer came on that I should be watching it that night… Sigh... it looked so good compared with the trailers for "Bride Wars" and "Confessions of a Shopaholic".

Once the movie began, there was screaming, (which was shushed by a bunch of people) but as the movie went on it was actually really quiet… I was surprised. Of course there was the occasional screaming when a new character came on the screen, but that was to be expected. I was the only one who screamed when Jacob appeared.The entire time I was laughing hysterically on the outside while crying on the inside because of how bad it all was. (Reasons will follow.) Brigitte and I kept laughing during "dramatic" scenes and people kept telling us to shut up, but we couldn't help it, it was just that bad. Luckily, not for me though, that Lorena kept slapping her hand over my mouth to quiet the worst comments and bits of hysterical laughter.

Once it was over, we left… Complaining as we walked… The best line was when Emily said, “I realized why we wore the nerdfighter shirts. Robert’s puff levels were high.” That was the BEST!!!

Emily took Julie and I home and I went to bed for 3 hours of sleep. (I had 3 and a half)

Reasons we didn’t like the movie (Yes, some are differences from the book, but we couldn't help it... And there are most likely more we are forgetting at this time.):

  • Everything seemed completely awkward.

  • The acting was horrible. It was all generally just bad acting, the characters were too forced. Edward looked like he was constipated throughout the movie and don't get me started on Jasper.
  • The meadow scene was ruined and that was the reason for the book's existence. I actually liked the movie version of the meadow scene, just not the overly violent and slightly crazy/hysterical way Edward showed Bella his vampire-ness

  • Can the Cullens go to a greenhouse? Please inform me how this is possible.

  • Why was there a Tarzan scene? Ah, the Tarzan scene was just so unnecessary. But good for the laughs.
  • Robert sounded like he had a speech problem because he was trying too hard to sound American… A few times the British came out.

  • No “She’s probably hyperventilating in the kitchen right now?”/“Do I dazzle you?” scene at the Port Angeles restaurant. How about the restaurant scene in general?

  • Why did they go to a diner every night? Bella was supposed to cook.

  • Edward’s supposed to look frozen and stiff when he first smells her in Biology, not that he’s about to be sick.

  • They made Jasper (my favorite character) into a joke.

  • I'm pretty sure Kristen Stewert has some sort of blinking problem.

  • Bella's "Great Escape" from Jasper and Alice was ruined. All she did was run out of the hotel while they were checking out. (Don't you think they would have been faster than her?)

  • Tyler doesn't ask her to prom.
  • Their "incredible speed" was just badly done.
  • That was a sad execution of the "sparkling", it honestly just looked like sweat mixed with glitter glue.
  • Rosalie sounded more modern than she was supposed to and honestly she looked like a chonga rather than a drop dead gorgeous woman.
  • Emmett was about as beefed up and muscular as a new born kitten.
  • (And because this can not be said enough) The bad acting! Oh all that is holy, the acting! I honestly hope they weren't giving it their all because it was eye gouging bad.

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