Friday, October 3, 2008

Brisingr Signing- RECAP

Sorry this post was delayed, but it’s here now.

So, we'll be fairly brief. Christopher Paolini’s signing went really well. Instead of talking about the entire Q&A, which was funny and entertaining, we'll show part:

Thanks to mercheese for putting this video up.

So, we had to leave right before the end of the Q&A, duty called for the need of sticky notes, but apparently, Christopher did a cartwheel.

Then, the signing began, we were writing names on post-its and making sure the books were on the title page to make them easier to sign. We separated into groups and headed through the line with our post-its, though it was a difficult task since the line extended from the signing area, through a door to a crammed hallway, through another door and all the way down the auditorium to the stage, and then some.

The line went on and on, poor Christopher had a ton of books to sign, but it didn’t seem like he minded much. He was really nice.

After about an hour and a half, the last book was signed (one of ours), Christopher said his hand wasn’t actually hurting much, and that writing the book by hand had helped (Don’t understand? Watch the video.) We took a few pictures with him, he did a few cartwheels/flips, and then we all parted ways.

It went extremely well and we hope Christopher had a great time like we did!

So, that’s a condensed version of the event, which would have been longer, but I figure the video did a lot of the talking.

And to make up for our lack of posting this week, we’re going to make it up to you! (Yes, two posts a week does not cut it for us.) All next week (Monday-Friday), we’re going to post about a past signing/event that we helped with in the past year. They were awesome and we hope the posts are entertaining to you as well!

-The YAthenaeum Team

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