Friday, October 31, 2008

Lauren's Halloween Scare-A-Thon

In honor of Halloween, Lauren Myracle dared 13 authors to a Halloween Scare-A-Thon! They were to scare themselves by today, Halloween, by doing something that scares them and facing their fears.

Here's a round up of what happened (Is happening...) :

Lauren Myracle: She learned the Thriller, which because of a certain experience in 7th grade, she was terrified of. Here's her post about it and the video:

M.T. Anderson: Tobin will be doing his on the Day of the Dead and there will definitely be pictures up after when he does.

Holly Black: Holly watched a zombie movie because she's terrified of zombies. More on her blog.

Libba Bray: Even though Libba just got back from her European tour, she posted about her fears and facing them. She posted in the same post a list of possibilities, go tell her what you think her challenge should be!

Meg Cabot: Meg is scared of fairies and for her dare, she decided to dress up as a fairy for Halloween. She discusses this fear and what she's going to do here and here. Here is a picture of her outfit:

Cassandra Clare: Cassandra, being in France on tour, decided to eat brains as her dare. She completed it as edited on her blog, but is waiting to upload the photos.

Melissa De La Cruz: Melissa had been postponing going to the dentist for a surgery she needs done because it's her biggest fear. So, she called and made an appointment and will face her fear on November 17. Here's her post and a video:

John Green: John has said that he will be late, but his dare will come soon. Lauren says, "I told him he has to wear Wienie Hat until then..."

Shannon Hale: Shannon's most recent post was asking her blog readers what they think she should do and naming some of what she's afraid of. She agreed to have her husband scare her, this may not sound as much, but she was really freaked out. Watch the video and you'll see:

Maureen Johnson: Maureen hasn't yet revealed what it is she has done or is going to do, but on Wednesday she made a list of her fears and asked the readers of her blog for their suggestions and ideas.

Stephenie Meyer: Lauren "received a very nice note from one of her peeps saying she's taking a well-deserved break from media and won't be able to participate in the dare."

Kristen Miller: Kristen is scared of eggs, actually ate them, then got sick... More on her blog.

Sarah Mlynowski: Sarah left a comment on Lauren's blog, "Hello sweet Lauren! Of course I am in. My biggest fear involves riding a bike, and I am unable to conquer that at the moment...but I have others. Lots and lots of others.", but we haven't found anything regarding her completion yet.

Scott Westerfeld: Scott has completed his dare, but as of now no one knows what it was. He says here that he will be posting a video of it this weekend.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! And we'll have a post later next week to keep you updated on the dares.

-The YAthenaeum Team


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