Thursday, October 30, 2008

Impossible- REVIEW

Erika’s Review of Impossible by Nancy Werlin

I’ll begin with a short summary of the book: Impossible was inspired by the ballad “Scarborough Fair”, but it is set in the present time. Lucy finds out that the women in her family are cursed to become pregnant at the age of seventeen and once they give birth to a girl, always a girl, they become insane. There is a way to break the curse; to accomplish three impossible tasks before they become mad. The book is about Lucy trying to accomplish these things, but it’s much more than that too.

I highly recommend anyone and everyone to read it. Everyone will find something they love in this amazing tale. If you’re one who’s a sucker for romance, it’s for you. (Not saying this is negative. I for one am definitely a sucker for it.) If fantasy is your thing, there’s an evil Elfin Knight for goodness sake. And if you enjoy suspense, you won’t be disappointed. If you like them all, then you really should not be reading this right now and should go out and find it immediately. (Which I think most should do regardless of their preference because it is for everyone.) All of this is nicely round up in a deep, meaningful book that is also extremely entertaining. It’s one of those books that are near impossible (no pun intended) to put down. It may at times make you cry for joy and other times a nervous wreck waiting to see what comes next. Over all Impossible is definitely a book that it is Impossible to say many negative things about. (Pun intended.)

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