Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Monster's Proof-REVIEW and CONTEST

This Contest is Closed

We have a special post for you all in honor of the release of Monster's Proof by Richard Lewis today. You may remember Richard's Q&A with us a few months ago (if not it can be found here). So, in honor of the release, we have both a review and a contest:

Erika's Review of Monster's Proof by Richard Lewis

I took a look at the cover and was slightly creeped out, but then I opened it. (Though the actual cover is better than the ARC cover, which is the one I have) What I found inside was nothing like I predicted from the cover it would be. It was much better! It just goes to show that the saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover" is true. Monster's Proof is about a math equation that is brought to life, which just thinking about is slightly terrifying. It's about the question, what if an equation could be brought to life and didn't like how the world was. Imagine that, then pick up this book to find out what happens. Anyways, Lively is a cheerleader who isn't even good at math, though both her brother, Darby, and her father are math geniuses. Her brother finds their great-aunt's notebook and tries to finish her proof. It goes wrong (well, actually right) and read it to find out more!

Monster's Proof has something for everyone. There's math, mystery, romance, angels, equations, a math cult... What more could you ask for? I fell in love with another character (if I said what or who it would kind of ruin it). Overall, Monster's Proof played with many of my emotions, which makes it worth reading. Even if you don't like math, there are many other elements that will draw you into the book, I mean, Lively doesn't like it either, and she's one of the main characters. Personally it had me thinking about the mathematical concepts and how creepy if it were possible. It shows that sometimes it is normal to be scared of math, though other times you shouldn't be. Those who like math, those who don't, girls, boys, fantasy-lovers, and the list goes on, will all find some way to relate to the characters in Monster's Proof and will enjoy it.

Now for the contest.:

Richard Lewis is giving us the first signed public copy of Monster's Proof to give one of you.
  • Leave a comment on this post or send an e-mail to yathenaeum@yahoo.com(with the subject as "Monster's Proof Contest")
  • Please include your name and e-mail address.
  • Entry deadline is July 30th at 6:00 p.m. Eastern.
How To Enter
  • Think of a seeming contradiction and then try to prove it. For example, you could prove why blue sky is good but feeling blue is not. The best and most original proof wins.
  • One contestant will win a signed copy of Monster's Proof by Richard Lewis.

Good luck! We're looking forward to reading the proofs!

-The YAthenaeum Team


robin_titan said...

I can't think of anything original at all but here goes:

Green grass is very awesome and comfy to lay down on but feeling/looking green is not good at all since you tend to vomit and all.

Yeah very similar to the blue sky one but I can't think of anything. :(


KK said...

Losing weight by changing your eating habits is good, but your Alli diet pill making you soil your pants with greasy feces in public as motivation is not. It's quite amazing what we will endure to reach our goals, a grown woman in a diaper. Puhlease.

Kevin. kkraut@gmail.com

Paradox said...

I know all about contradictions. I contradict myself. No, I'm not calling myself a hypocrite, but I am often opposite things at once. For example, I'm hyper-organized and extremely messy at the same time as well as very logical and a lover of fantasy and imagination. The more of these paradoxes I see about myself, the more it sort of scares me. So I call myself Paradox online. And the proof of this contradiction is that I exist to type this here.

paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com