Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Miles Between Road Trip!

Erika was lucky enough to be one of the first ones to receive an ARC in The Miles Between Road Trip. For more information go to Mary Pearson's blog post about the trip and to her blog for the other amazing stops it's been on so far. Now to Erika:

So, basically the requirement was to take pictures somewhere in your city or town, so I thought, what better place than Books & Books. I love the store and every ARC wants to be on a bookshelf; that's the one place they never get to be. (So sad.) So here's The Miles Between where you'll be able to find it in September:
And here's The Miles Between looking out at the beautiful courtyard (And it's begging Mary to come)...

I figured I needed to also show another place in Miami. Considering I hardly ever go to the beach (which would have been typical anyways) and though I really wanted to bring The Miles Between to the Everglades, wasn't able to get there, so I brought it to the Biltmore hotel... It was a hotel, then a hospital, and now back to a hotel, so there are some spooky stories like "The 13th floor is haunted". I've never seen a ghost and am there a lot because of the golf course, so there you go. It still looks pretty and is historical-ish. The Miles Between enjoyed itself. Much better than the day I took her (I'm assuming it's female apparently) to school all day.

And here's a picture of me pretending to read in front of The Biltmore... Considering I'd already finished it (Thanks to Julie for being the hand model above and taking the photo below).:

There will be a review in the coming weeks, but tomorrow I along with The Miles Between are heading to another place (though different places...). Though I can tell you now that it was amazing!

Thanks Mary for giving me the chance to be part of this! 

*Packages and sends to Boston*

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marypearson said...

Thank YOU for taking The Miles Between on such a fun tour of Miami--and give it a chance to see what a real shelf feels like ; )

Yikes, and a haunted hotel!

I am feeling the pull to the courtyard . . . come, come.

I hope I will one day!