Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hush, Hush- REVIEW

Lorena's Review of Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

So every once in a while I tend to find one of those books that well, unless I finish it I just
can't work. Hush, Hush is my latest one. Everything about this book just called to me. The story, the characters, the cover! Everytime I tried to put it down I would find myself sneaking glances at it till I had it back in my hands. It was that good.

Love was never part of the deal for Nora, her all work and no play attitude never left her interested in boys. Until Patch came around. With a smile and a look, Nora was caught, against her better judgment, by his attraction. But after a series of strange encounters, she's caught in a web of lies in which she doesn't know who to trust. She's falling for the fallen, and it just may cost her more than she's willing to pay.

If you haven't done so already, go out and get yourself a copy of this book. It really is not one to miss. It's such an moving story with such a well paced plot. I literally couldn't put it down. The characters are so beautifully crafted, but in ways that you just wouldn't expect. Patch at a first glance seems like your everyday bad boy, but the layers of character that he has are just beautifully interlaced, I honestly felt he'd fly right out of the book.
Hush, Hush isn't all rainbows and romance. It's dark, it's deep, and the mystery of the story is so rich, the whole "one more chapter before bed" thing isn't going to work. You'll keep turning and turning till you find yourself reading the back flap, trying to find more story to read, trying to take in as much as you can. I know I did.

There are no credentials as to who would enjoy this book, it has something for everyone. It's got action, it's got romance, mystery, revenge, chases, true love, miracles. Brownie points if you got the reference. Point is, it has just a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy.

Hush, Hush has a sequel, Crescendo, in the works to be published Fall of 2010.

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