Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Being Nikki- REVIEW

Erika’s Review of Being Nikki by Meg Cabot

When’s the next one coming out? That’s the first thing that went through my mind when it was over. In Being Nikki, Nikki (Em) has to deal with the fact that Nikki’s (the real one) brother comes to her looking for her (Nikki’s) mom, that Christopher wants to destroy Stark with her (Nikki since he doesn't know Em is alive...) help, that she feels more separated from her (Em’s) family, and she also has her model jobs that she can’t get out of. Does this sound too much for one supermodel to handle? Possibly, but Nikki (Em) has to find a way to finish it all, I guess being two people may help or just make it worse.

Once you pick the book up it’s hard to put down. Every page is just as great as the one before it. You fully understand the struggles Em/Nikki has to go through and feel her emotions. I'm not sure how I could stand being in her situation. It's especially hard at the end when there’s no more pages to turn and there's a major twist (a part even almost made me cry). It’s hard to have to wait for Runaway (and I have to wait even longer since I got an ARC. Meg, if you happen to need help editing Runaway, just ask…). Though the fact that it’s only a trilogy makes me sane since I know it should be finalized after Runaway.

I highly recommend Being Nikki, though make sure to read Airhead first (it was just as good). It has romance, humor, mystery, and everything else a Meg Cabot book has that makes them so addicting. Though the Airhead series in general is a slightly different angle than Meg’s other books, I think anyone who likes Meg’s books, everyone who likes mysteries, and mostly everyone else will love it!


piraterita said...

Ooh! Yay! I'm so excited for the new book, so I'm gonna get it as soon as possible! Thanks for what you do!

Princess Sonshu said...

Im sure gonna read this book! I just came across ur site as Meg mentioned it on Twitter! I love books and will surely visit soon! Do visit my blog too

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i like ponys

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do you like ponys?