Friday, April 3, 2009

The Stolen One- REVIEW

Julie's Review of The Stolen One by Suzanne Crowley

When Katherine Bab’s “mother” dies she takes the chance of a lifetime, even though everyone advised her against it, to escape her plain country life and go off to London. She goes to London not only looking for adventure, but also to uncover the secret of who she really is, the truth that her adoptive mother hid from her all these years. Before long, she goes to court and becomes the favorite of Queen Elzabeth and could not be more excited. However, as soon as she comes to court rumors about her swirl, could Kat be Queen Elizabeth’s secret red-headed daughter? If this is true, why would the Queen never want to see her until now? Although these are the last of Kat’s worries since she has to try to get everyone at court to like her and choose between two London socialites, who have taken an interest in her, and her old country sweetheart?

The Stolen One is a great novel for anyone in the mood for romance, mystery, and a glimpse into the past of Tudor England. This is a book that will make you want to crawl under your covers and read all night, it certainly kept me away from my family for hours. It has enough drama to keep you entertained while reading it and great suspense to keep you reading until you reach the end. Everyone can relate to Kat as she tries to find where she truly belongs. I would definitely recommend The Stolen One to anybody looking for a great read.

(This book is scheduled to be released July 6, 2009)


Anonymous said...

So happy you enjoyed my book! Thank you so much! If it is okay, I might quote a line or two on my website!

Suzanne Crowley

YAthenaeum said...

No problem! I meant every word. :)

And of course I don't mind if you quote it. Thanks!