Monday, April 13, 2009

Ransom My Heart- REVIEW

Brigitte's review of Ransom My Heart by Meg Cabot

A fiery heroine that allows no man, no thing control her.

A man whose goal now is to charm his way through life and women.

What should happen if these two characters meet? Upheaval? Mass chaos? Understatement.

When Finnula's dear innocent sister gets herself pregnant and manages to waste all her dowry on trinkets, its up to Finnula (the sole Diana/Artemis of the village) to scrounge up the money to save her sister's reputation. Finnula then hears of a series of strange events occuring in her village: women holding men hostage and making their families pay a ransom for their safe return. Enter Hugo Fitzstephen on his way home from the Crusades with inconspicuous bags bulging with gold. A perfect target you might say. Wrong. He's also the Earl of her village along with the lands that surround it and she could have made the mistake of falling in love with the winsome hostage, with him all too willing to take the plunge. But their love soon attracts jealous enemies desperate for their money and their lives.

Meg Cabot's Ransom My Heart is a sweet romance novel with a twist regarding the average woman and a hearty serving of danger, secrecy and false identities. If you're looking for an escape from darker novels, pick up this book; its romantic plotline, humorous dialogue and unseen plot twists will keep your spirits high even when it exposes more serious topics just below the surface.

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Andrea said...

This looks good. I've .been wanting to read it since I read the last Princess Diaries book