Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Radiant Darkness- REVIEW

Julie's review of Radiant Darkness By: Emily Whitman

Ah the story of Persephone… You know the myth in which Demeter’s young innocent daughter is kidnapped by Hades and taken to be the queen of the underworld, but then Demeter responds by bringing draught and famine to Earth until Zeus grants her Persephone back. However before she was sent for Hades forced 6 pomegranate seeds down her throat so she had to return to the Underworld 6 months out of the year. Well think again...

Radiant Darkness tells the real story of Persephone, the story I chose to believe. In the story Demeter is Persephone’s over protective mother who wants to keep her daughter a child forever. However, Persephone longs for freedom, until one day a handsome king comes near her home and proposes her an offer to be his queen in the underworld. While she is there she must learn how to be a queen while also dealing with the fact her mother will stop at nothing to get her back. (Or so she thinks) People are dying because of her selfish mother and Persephone must make a choice, her love and death, or a healthy Earth and a life alone.

Radiant Darkness is a beautiful tale of love, desire, and choices. This novel will certainly keep you locked in your room as the quality of the writing keeps you reading what is on the page and the suspense created keeps you turning the page. In addition, most teens will find it easy to relate to the independence-wanting Persephone, as I did. Throughout the novel you see home much Persephone matures in a short amount of time and it just goes to show all teens immortal and mortal want the same thing: FREEDOM!!!

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