Thursday, April 23, 2009

Peace, Love & Baby Ducks- REVIEW

Erika's Review of Peace, Love & Baby Ducks by Lauren Myracle

Lauren Myracle wrote an incredible book yet again. Peace, Love & Baby Ducks is a great book about sisterly love and friendship. The main plot is about Carly, a sophomore who likes to be different, and Anna's, Carly's sister who is a freshman, relationship with each other. They live in an upscale part of Atlanta and attend a private religious school, which both contribute a lot to the story. Both of them are completely different and yet are extremely close. Overall, it's about the changes that go on in their lives, the events that come up, and how this all effects their sisterly-ness.

I cried near the end (If I said why, I'd spoil it)... Screamed at Carly a few times for not seeing what was in front of her face... Was annoyed at Anna... Loved a certain guy (I think if I said who this would be spoiled too)... And overall was filled with many emotions. Besides just the sister aspect, Myracle also combats racism, freedom to think for yourself, and religious freedom. As well as there being romance and humor (this is Lauren we're talking about). All of these aspects are found in a delightful, entertaining novel that shows real friendship and real sisters. I saw some aspects of my own relationship with my sister. Anyone who has ever had a sibling or close friend (which is most people) will easily relate to the characters because of this. Myracle did a brilliant job in combining it all into a realistic and enjoyable novel that is hard to put down.

(This book comes out May 14, 2009)


lauren myracle said...

Aw, Erika! You sweetie! This is so lovely--you need to post it as a blog entry to the Ning!!!!! ;)

YAthenaeum said...

Thanks! I will after I fix it up a bit... I feel embarrassed that you read the review in it's rambling/need to post now way. Sorry, but glad you liked it!


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Well nice review thanks, I already read the book sometime ago, and I agree with you, what I could never figure out was why anna do that.

safemeds said...

It is a great book, I read it like 7 months ago, very interesting book.