Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Last BEDA Post!

Since it's April 30th, we decided we'd wrap up the month with what we thought of the month. And no, this doesn't have to do with young adult books that much, but Maureen Johnson started BEDA, so we'll say it does. (Plus we needed a final post and wanted it to be special. :)

Those who've read our blog may know our colors (have no real meaning except to distinguish our writing from one another), but if not you can read our names.

This is Erika and I'll start:

So, a few days before April 1st, I was doing the This Week in YA and saw Maureen Johnson's idea for BEDA and how tons of people were joining. I thought it would be great for us since we'd been really bad when it came to posting much (I think twice a week is adequate though others on this team may disagree with me here. So, I told everyone that we should do this and they reluctantly agreed. :D It started out that we always had posts, though there were a few times we had to come up with something and quick. I'm actually surprised that in the 30 days, I didn't have to type up a random post about my day so we wouldn't miss one. BEDA was challenging, but now we know we actually can do it! And, personally, I think it made it harder that every post had to be YA related, so we couldn't just ramble (not counting right now). I'm kind of sad to see it end, in a way it was fun. Though I'm also happy because honestly this last week was pretty rough, but we made it! Thank you to the other three in the team for supporting (even when wanting to kill me) my random impulses like BEDA, I'll try not to jump into something next time, but I can't promise only try... But you have to admit it wasn't so bad, right? Maybe? No? I'll end this here before I continue to ramble on and on; on to the next team member...

Lorena will now continue:

Right, so when Erika brought up the idea of BEDA, I just flat out refused. It was hard enough for us to get at least two posts a week, let alone seven. But I think it was the need to get the "ping" to stop from MSN that made me accept, honestly it was the only thing that would have shut her up. Needless to say (much like Emma's comic a while back) I wanted to kill her. Sure the first week was fine, we had events one after another, so it was easy to post. But unlike my friend up there, I never grew to actually enjoy it. It seemed we were always pressed for time, posting at 11:30 at night. So to sum this up, I didn't enjoy it, sorry to say. And I still want to kill Erika for putting us through this.

Julie's turn:

So Erika told me about BEDA around April 4th, so I didn't really have a say in it. I didn't really have a huge part in it, but I kinda wish now I did because it was so much fun. I think its exactly what we needed to prove to ourselves that we shouldn't complain about posting a couple times a week since now we KNOW we CAN post everyday. All and all I think it was a positive experience and I can't wait until next year so I can play a bigger role in it!

Brigitte will now wrap this up:

Brigitte's Trusted Words of Beauty Wisdom Truth and Love here. The day shone with the Sun illuminating this blessed earth with soothing tendrils. Nothing would bring me down. I defied the heavens to crush me with almighty torrents of rain. Only to have Erika inform me casually while on our way to the Brashare's event. Unsuprisingly it worked better to ruin my day then rain. As the days went by, I began to love doing this. Every day I would sit in front of the computer and just feel like the inspiration would never stop. Only not. I like to take my time and do the reviews/events right. Not in a rush like we were forced to. I have never loved the month of May as much as I do now.

Thanks for sticking with us for this month!

-The YAthenaeum Team

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