Sunday, April 5, 2009

3 Willows Signing- RECAP

Brought to you by Erika. With comments by Julie in green.

I’ll start from when I got home from school. A little while later Julie (That's me :D) and her friend (Sasha) came. We put on our super cool painted jeans and Books & Books t-shirts and at 4:30, we all hopped into my dad’s SUV (my mom needed the extra room for the way home, more on that later) and were on our way.

Once we got to Bal Harbour, we immediately went to the store. Debra wasn’t there yet, so we just put our stuff in the back. Then, we found a café and ate. Debra found us and said how she had been stuck in traffic coming from a school event. FOR ONCE WE WERE THERE BEFORE LORENA AND BRIGITTE!!!!!!! (See miracles happen)

When we were done, we went back to the store and soon Lorena, Brigitte, and Lorena’s cousin came. (After we were waiting FOREVER) We just kind of stood around and looked at the books in the YA section. I also went over what I was going to say in my introduction. Julie wanted me to do an April Fool’s that Ann wasn’t here, but: 1. She would be coming through the front so everyone would see her and 2. That was pretty mean considering how it was cancelled in January. I still think it would've been a good idea...

Then, people started coming, Catherine (my friend) came with her neighbor (Ann’s cousin), so I went over and started talking to them. When I went back they were looking at pop-up books… COOL pop-up books.

Since the newspaper had said 7:30, we decided to wait a little while just in case. Then, Ann came in and Debra introduced her to us. As I thought the plan for our joke wouldn’t have worked since she past everyone. Whatever...

So, Debra introduced us. Lorena introduced our contest winner and gave her the book. Here's a picture of the contest winner with Ann:

Then, I introduced Ann. We all went to the back and stood as we listened and filmed.:

Once she was done talking and answering questions, Debra announced how when Ann was supposed to have come in January Julie was going to have her birthday party and since it was also Brigitte’s birthday the week before that she got a cake. It was blue for 3 Willows. Though I had given up sweets for lent... And I found out Catherine did too, so we were resisting the cake together. It was really thoughtful...

We started post-it-ing and stacking up the chairs. Once everyone was finished, I got all my books signed (notice how she said "my" books. She still won't let me get any signed to me...3 Willows was signed to both) and we asked her our Q&A questions (The Q&A will be up in the next week).

She started signing stock and we were still just talking. We asked our typical Q&A question if she could do the timewarp. Since she said not really, we did it in front of the table while she was still signing.

A while later, Debra came up to us and said, “Have you heard of Kevin Rudolf? Apparently his song is number 3. He’s the guy in the black back there.” (Referring to near the front door behind us.)

We all went, “Nope, never heard of him.” After going home I looked him up and realized I’ve heard his song countless times… (I WAS/AM SO MAD WE DIDN'T GET HIS AUTOGRAPH!!!!! IT WAS SUCH A GOOD OPPORTUNITY!!!!)

Ann finished signing stock and then we said our goodbyes, piled into the car (there were now 6 of us plus my mom) (it was a tight fit) , and headed to my house where everyone was being picked up.

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