Monday, January 5, 2009


Lorena's Review of Need by Carrie Jones

Shape-shifters, sparkly pixies, and a remote town in some far off corner of the U.S.A.? No, it’s not Holly Black’s
Tithe, but close enough.

Carrie Jones’
Need tells the story of Zara, the girl who collects phobias. Since she was young, Zara had always been told that if she can recite her fears, she would be able to face them. But she fears most the one she cannot name, the unknown. That fear is only fed by the events following her stepfather’s death. Unable to deal with Zara’s state of depression, her mother decides to send her to live with her grandmother Betty in the barren town of Bangor, Maine, were she believes she will be better off, safer. But in that small town Zara begins to unravel the secrets of her heritage, and the dangerous beings she is now exposed to. Someone, or something is following her, leaving a strange trail of golden glitter in it's wake. He's a pixie, they all know it, all except for her.

It’s a fast paced novel that fits into more genres than I could possibly list. You’ll find everything needed, from epic love triangles; to those “Well I sure as hell didn’t see that coming!” plot twists, to keep you entranced from cover to cover.

To fans of fairytales, new or old, I highly recommend picking up
Need. This goes out especially to those Melissa Marr fans since I know you’re just as eager as I am for Fragile Eternity.

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