Tuesday, January 13, 2009

3 Willows- REVIEW

Erika’s Review of 3 Willows

Whether you’ve never picked up
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books or you loved them dearly, Ann Brashares new book will not disappoint. Aimed at younger readers, it’s definitely not the same maturity-wise as The Sisterhood, but that was the point. It takes place in the same town, the Sisterhood is a legend to the girls now, and there are also those character similarities that give a nod to the readers of the previous series, but this is a new sisterhood. 3 Willows is about a group of three girls and their summer between eighth grade and high school. Though the girls had previously been the best of friends beginning in the third grade, the day they were each given a willow, the past year they had slowly grown apart. This summer is about their individual adventures and struggles in different parts of the country where at the same time coming closer together.

3 Willows will be an opening door for many girls who may have been too young during the time of the sisterhood. It will begin their love for Ann Brashares and the friendships she writes about. It will also be a delightful read for the older readers who mourned the end of the pants. Brashares knack for creating realistic characters and friendships that everyone can connect to has not gone away. Whether you connect to Ama- the intelligent, straight-A girl stuck on a wilderness trip, Polly- the one who stays home, decides she wants to try to be a model, and tries to change herself because of it, or Jo- the girl who stays at her family’s beach house, gets a summer job, and then has some family and friendship problems along the way, there is something that can connect to every girl. Brashares succeeded in giving them each a distinct voice that helps adding to the realism and connection. Overall, it was an enjoyable read, that I’m sure many tweens and teen girls will not be putting down anytime soon and will be eagerly anticipating the next one to come out.


Anonymous said...

i thought that the sisterhood books were much better. while i'm enjoying this book, it doesnt have the same depth or friendship that the pants had. in many ways, it makes it seem although brashares isnt ready to let go of bridget, carmen, lena, and tibby becasue she recreates them in the story. the characters are very similar to those in previous books. she weaves some sisterhood chracters into the story (tiubby, mrs.rollins, brian) but not very skillfully; they are just dort of stuck in there because ann was just not ready to say goodbye to them. while the book isnt bad, it doesnt hold a candle to the pants series. i think ann brashares is one of those authors who only has one great story in them; and that was the sisterhood of the traveling pants.

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