Thursday, November 6, 2008

Spicy Meter

As you may have noticed in our latest review, we have now begun to use our innovative new

The Spicy Meter is not a way of rating books, but a way for us to inform you of any mature content found in the books we review. We don’t discourage reading this material, in fact it’s sometimes needed for the sake of the plot. BUT we do want to warn parents just in case, so they can't blame us for recommending inappropriate books to their children.

Why not just put an age range? Well, we know that everyone reads and matures at different levels and it really has little to do with the age you are when you are ready to read more mature content. So instead we made our own Spicy Meter.

There is not a definite border between the 5 levels of the Spicy Meter, but this is a basic guideline of how we will be leveling them. The level is only our opinion on this issue.

: Not much, if any, mature content or language. This is mainly for all readers of all ages and maturities.

: There are light innuendos, some language, and/or slight violence.

: There may be violence, partial nudity, and/or language.

: There's sexual situations, severe violence, and/or severe language.

: There is definitely mature content, language, and violence. We would only recommend you read these books if you're sure that you can handle it!

*Remember there are and/ors because not all books will contain everything mentioned. some may have one or two and not a third, but we still feel those two are strong enough to be in that category. For example, a romance (not all this is just an example) may not have any violence, but sexual situations that put it in spicy.

-The YAthenaeum Team

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