Thursday, September 25, 2008


Erika is a co-founder of YAthenaeum. She’s the “girl” in the once upon a time story in the very first post and brought up the idea for a blog. She currently attends Boston College
and because of her schoolwork load doesn’t have as much time as she wishes to read for pleasure, which is quite depressing. She still reads whenever she can though. She’s nice, sometimes people say too nice and hates writing introductions and talking about herself…

.:Top 5 Books:.

She cannot choose five books, so instead we’ll list a bunch of her favorite authors in no particular order and may still forget some:

John Green, Meg Cabot, Maureen Johnson, Scott Westerfeld, Libba Bray, E. Lockhart, Melissa Marr, Holly Black, Jane Austen, Ann Brashares, Sarah Dessen, Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle, Melissa de la Cruz, J.K. Rowling, Marianne Curley, Laurie Halse Anderson, Nancy Werlin…

She likes most YA books in mostly all genres…

.:5 Random Facts:.

  • As previously mentioned, she has too many favorite authors and cannot seem to choose a few.
  • She probably does more community service than is possible (well almost, since she actually does it).
  • Her bookshelves are in alphabetical order by author and even overflow in alphabetical order.
  • She’s a fairly good photographer… Or at least that’s what people tell her.
  • Her favorite color is purple.

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